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What is tidge.com?

Posted: 2012-03-13 | Last revision: 2022-07-22

My name is Tidge Holmberg, a (registered) patent attorney with over 12 years of experience in both prosecution and litigation.

I love the law, and I love the law in my chosen specialty: patents. I check the Federal Circuit website every day to see what's going on, which led to (now defunct) FedCirBlog.tidge.com, where I give ultra-short daily updates on the same. I still can't wait to read my daily Docket Report from Docket Navigator (a fantastic and extremely inexpensive service which EVERY patent litigator should get--it includes a searchable database of all the unreported decisions at the trial level) and my daily IP Notes from JurisNotes (another great inexpensive service for ALL IP law, which includes a searchable database of reported IP cases at all levels), and I rarely just read these things, but typically further investigate what happened, guess why it happened, and see what I can learn from it.

I started this website by writing pages of incisive analysis (see archive and patent reform), although it was unlikely anyone would take the time to read any of it. Lately, I've been switching over to the web-norm of short opinion rips—otherwise known as blog entries—even though these reveal a bit too much of my disdain for current patent practices and shibboleths. The best I can hope for is to be funny about it.

Since the patent blogosphere needs no more bloated opinionated commentary, I am also trying to figure out ways to provide useful info in a more user-friendly format (come back and see resources/links in the future).

Who is putting these web pages together, they're .... well, ... um, .... interesting?

I am, and thanks for noticing! My decade-old M.S. is in computer engineering so I decided to take this opportunity to re-learn the coding arts. It's all me, baby, I'm the IT staff in this joint. And I'm too much of an egotist to ask anyone for help (even though I know people who do this stuff professionally), so I end up spending hours trying to understand why paragraphs keep popping up above the banner or why my in-banner menu navigation bar never seems to work right.